About RentioFoods

‘Rentio Toor Dal’ has been a household name for over 85 years. Rentio began its journey during the nineteen-thirties with a motto – ‘We believe in the Best’ since then, it has been the king of the toor dal industry. ‘Rentio’ is a Gujarati word that means ‘spinning wheel’ or ‘charkha’.

The reason behind the name of the brand is quite inspiring The family was involved in the freedom movement of Mahatma Gandhi, to take Yarn from Spinning Wheel daily was the ritual of the family members. when Shri Mangaldas Chokhawala decided to start the Toor Dal manufacturing plant at Navapur Maharashtra, there was a question of brand name for the product, it was a unanimous decision that ‘RENTIO’ should be the brand name.

Our Mission:
Shree Mangaldas Chokhawala has the Vision of Providing toor dal produced by Desi toor only. with the unique DRY Process. Mr. Vipin Chokhawala who carry forward this legacy and was well aware of the adulteration of pulses sold loosely. He was keen on stopping this ill practice that was going on in the market and with this thought, Rentio Foods was founded. Within a short period, Rentio Foods became the pioneer of manufacturing pulses in fixed weight packages by eliminating the risk of adulteration and ensuring that only healthy products reach the customers.

Our Vision:
Rentio Foods consistently ensures that pulses don’t lose their nutritional value while processing by using the world’s best technology and ensuring that it reaches people with the highest nutritional values in its most organic form.