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Rentio Toor Dal is 85+ years old Indian brand now. It feels so privileged to fulfill the nation’s nutrition needs. The combined efforts of our consistently high-quality products & non-tiring efforts of our team are the foundations that we stand strong.

From your granny to your mom, we’ve preserved the authenticity of taste & purity of nature together in toor dal. The aroma of dal tadka & more of your most liked homemade dals is exotically served from the lap of nature in its purest form.

Shop Local, Eat Local, Spend Local, Enjoy Local – Start the Trend!

We proudly stand as one of the oldest & revolutionary Indian brands today & we want to evolve with the generation’s changing nutrition needs.

Rentio Toor Dal is your Home-Gym & Restaurant at Home

Let’s not deny the fact that we’ve adopted western culture & lifestyle with open arms. This also applies equally to food habits. Our kids are suffering from a lack of proteins & essential nutrients that make them grow stronger. Is this the reason we often blame that our grandparents used to have a healthier lifestyle than us?

Starting a good habit anytime is better than never.

Buy Rentio Tuvar Dal Online & try your hands on yummy recipes loaded with proteins. No matter if you’re having super-busy life, you can ensure with us that your diet needs are never compromised. Make some quick meals with Rentio Ready – your 2-minute dal pack.

Also, a big shout out to all gym freaks out there, would you not like to rely on natural proteins than shakes & bars?

Final Thoughts

Fondly referred to as Rentio Tuwar Dal, we’re passionately serving India with top-quality Toor Dal proteins.

Thanks to PM Modi’s inspirational thoughts, Indian’s are motivated to support #vocalforlocal. Don’t forget to count on us as you buy toor dal online India!

One thought on “Support #vocalforlocal, Use Rentio Toor Dal!

  1. Satish

    Our entire family using Rentio Toor Dal since so many years. We have tried other brands but no one can beat Rentio Toor Dal. Thanks and Congrats to the company for preserving the quality since so long.

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