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Rentio-Toor Dal

What do you find most attractive as you buy toor dal online?

Maybe the convenience of shopping & affordability is the reason to pick dal throughout the year & not just winter. Then what is special about dal in winter?

The aroma of steamy hot dal dolloped with Ghee is so comforting. You want to dive in the creamy texture & it’s more interesting than a cup of hot chocolate!

Toor Dal is Powerhouse of Energy

Dal is mostly consumed with rice or chapatti & in winters, it becomes a full pack of energy you need to go through the day. Keeping you full for long, you can get good sleep during chilly winter nights (that’s probably another thing to love in winters).

Toor dal contains nutrients like iron, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin B & potassium that is essential for the body to kick-in energy. It’s a low-fat and low- cholesterol alternative to other cuisines which makes it an interesting choice.

Eases Digestion in winters when Hunger Grows

There are more reasons for Indians to have Rentio Tuvar Dal in winters. If you have noticed, we often feel hungry during winters when the weather is cool. We keep looking for tummy-fillers and sometimes overeating spoils the digestive routine of the body.

When you have at least one Dal meal per day, it aids in the cleansing of the stomach and frees the body from digestive problems.

More Dal Recipes to tickle Taste Buds with!

Winter is the season of veggies and fruits we have been waiting throughout the year. Leafy veggies like Spinach may attract you to prepare Palak Dal for dinner sometimes and you can’t keep calm. If you are a true dal lover, it’s not just winter season, it’s your season. You can hop across the web and find amazing dal recipes or check out what you can try this season: 5 Easy to Cook Delicious Dal Recipes.

Would you not like to make a toor dal online purchase now? Winter is already here & your dal stock should be full to enjoy more of your favourite dal recipes.


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