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Many of us have self-arguments revolving around overweight, sweet-tooth & excess eating habits. Some people boast about their foodie nature & blame their genes for what they are.

Did you ever paused for a while & thought why our ancestors never had any health issues or overweight complaints? If not, this blog is food for thought!

Believe it or not, you must have got signals from your brain when you’re gaining weight, when your stomach gets upset or when you’re creating an imbalance in your diet. Your strong instinct will bring it to your notice that you should get back on track.

When you’re not connected with your inner self, you get careless about your diet routine & tend to eat even if you aren’t hungry.

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5 Scenarios when you eat over feeling hungry

1. Depression

You must have heard about ‘emotional eating’. Whenever you’re feeling sad, stressed, or depressed, you may either want to eat more or don’t have meals at all. In either case, your mind is disturbed & that could be a punishment for your body. Make sure you don’t eat unnecessarily just to feel good.

Look out for alternatives that change your mood & charge you up instead of surrendering to food. Have a walk in the nearby garden or listen to energetic songs to feel fresh.

2. Tiresome Routine

Some people proudly boast that nothing happens to them even if they sleep for 5 hours or less. Well, even Ayurveda recommends sleeping for at least 7 to 8 hours daily for a healthy life. When you’re sleeping less, you likely feel tired & to kick this sleepy feeling, you will munch some energy-giving food.

In such cases, most people will opt for coffee that makes them combat sleep more. It creates a major imbalance in your body & the hunger hormone bursts out & you lose control over appetite.

The best way out is to have a sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours regularly.

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3. Drinking habits

Inhibitions are lowered by Alcohol habits & you lose judgment what’s good to eat & whatnot. It gets harder for you to resist tasty food just because your brain loses the capacity to monitor self-control.

4. Temptations

Social media has now become a common reason for many people to eat what looks good. Some regularly visit new café or0020food lounge during weekends for the sake of posting new food pictures on Instagram. If you find yourself in such a situation, you know what we mean!

5. Eating for a Cause

We all have encountered circumstances when we have to eat just because someone wants us to. For instance, when meeting a friend after a long time at a restaurant, you may eat more than usual while talking for hours. Similarly, visiting relatives during festivities brings you a lot of calories.

You’re likely to get your stomach upset the next day, just because you didn’t realize that you ate more.

To overcome this, you should try to meet your friend at a different place where you can control your eating habits. Also, you can convince your relatives with fewer meals to keep your body in harmony.

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