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#StayAtHome is the only precautionary measure we have to stay protected from the pandemic. While some are having to #workfromhome, some are getting bored on what to do & how to make the most of quarantine time.

Five things that make you enjoy Social Distancing Period

We’re here with some fun ideas to try at home during social distancing & kick-away ‘I am Bored!’ feels.

Binge Watching

You’ve been having hectic working hours and many of your favorite shows are queued to be watched out for the weekend. Now as you are homebound, you have a lot many things to tick-off your wish list.

If you don’t have any subscriptions, you may start a 30-days free trial. For instance, you can try Netflix or Amazon Prime Video free trial binge-watching.

Shuffle your Wardrobe

Wardrobe cleaning is the most tedious task for many of us. You’ve got a lot of time to shuffle your closet and dump non-used outfits. Maybe you’ll find some old stuff from your wardrobe while cleaning and over the top, your mom will be happy watching you.

Do Amazing Stuff Indoors

You can do many engaging things without going outdoors. If you have a terrace garden, trim your plants, paint the pots & clean your home-garden. Login to YouTube & learn some new techniques like bulb plantation, and more. Besides this, you can also learn calligraphy, practice yoga, exercise, read e-books or do any such interesting stuff that keeps you busy.

Upgrade your Cooking Skills

Are you bored of eating the same dishes time and again?! Don’t worry, you’ve got your time to try hands-on new recipes that your family would love. Here are some of the suggestions from us:

With enough time available to try these recipes, you can also master them. Download cooking apps on your smartphone and serve yummy cuisines to your family for breakfast, lunch & dinner. After all, the way to heart goes from the stomach!

Spend Quality Time with Family

Scrolling through social media apps is what we always do. And, we then crave for the days when we have some vacation time to be spent with family. Here is what you’ve got in abundance so make some lovely memories instead of thinking that you’re getting bored. Have family moments by keeping a smartphone away a few times. Talk with your family, play carrom, Ludo, UNO or just take a walk to the memory lane together.

We hope you’ve got some ideas to make quarantine enjoyable.

Stay Home – Stay Safe & Feel free to share your ideas with us too. Meanwhile, you may do Toor Dal Online Shopping for a better take on recipes.

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