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Instant Toor Dal has taken over the kitchen with its superpowers of getting your favorite meal ready in few minutes.

Feeling drowsy in the morning to prepare tiffin for your hubby or in the last-minute hurry? 3-Minute Rentio Ready Toor Dal is at your rescue! The little package is enriched with the same nutrients as any of your regular dals. The instant pot dal is very handy for working women who don’t get a lot of time to manage kitchen chores with busy working hours.

Compromising with nutrients is compromising with your health. Say no more! Tuver Dal never disappoints. Let your tongue cherish the yummy flavor and nourish your body with healthy proteins even if you don’t have much kitchen time.

3 Minutes & Toor Dal is Ready-to-Eat

Whether toor dal is served with naan, roti, chapati, paratha or rice, its charismatic aroma takes us to the kitchen. This magic can be spread instantly with ready to eat dal with which you have to pour the ingredients into the simmering water.

The packet already contains all the necessary ingredients, you are least bothered to soak the dal or carry out the lengthy process. This shorter cooking time ends-up with a lip-smacking dal fry ready. Dress it well with a spoonful of desi-ghee and wait no more!

Serve it hot or pack it for the lunch. Enjoy!

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