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Rentio-Toor Dal

Are you into the “Major Missing Restaurant Food” mood? We got you!

It’s really difficult for foodies who love weekends spent with street food or hanging out with family & friends at their favorite restaurants in town. Well, it’s important to safe & tame your taste buds with homely comfort food.

Many restaurants have reopened during unlock. Food delivery services like Swiggy have begun bringing your favorite food at your doorstep. But still, many people avoid eating outside food.

If you’re dying hard fan of dal tadka or Punjabi dals, we can help you out with quick & easy

recipes. You can try them at home, ensuring that you’re eating healthy & hygienic that boosts your immune system too.

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5 Try-at-Home Dal Recipes that sell like Hot Cakes at Restaurants

Energy-packed Dal-based Morning Breakfast

1. Medu Vada

This one mouth-watering dish is something we’ve been missing all the lockdown. It’s irresistible to stay away from such light & healthy south-Indian breakfast, don’t you agree?

You can easily make soft & fluffy Medu Vada (almost similar to your favorite restaurant) with our recipe. Without any extra ingredient, you can prepare mouthwatering Medu Vada & surprise your family with this different-than-usual breakfast served on the table. For an added touch, you can prepare coconut chutney too.

2. Dal Pakwan

Go-to breakfast for Sindhis, Dal Pakwan is a recipe you’ll regret if you haven’t tried yet. The crisp Pakwan served with piping hot dal is too much yumminess for breakfast. Dal Pakwan has sweet- base which can be turned into sour or spicy when served with tamarind chutney or chilly-curd chutney.

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3. Punjabi Dal Tadka

When nothing works, Punjabi dal tadka does! You’ll fall in love with this north-Indian style dal that tastes heavenly whether you have it with rice, naan, or chapatti.

A flavorful mix of dals will serve your nutrition needs & give a lasting taste. It’s no big deal to prepare restaurant-style Punjabi dal tadka at home (and trust me, a healthier version too)

4.  Dahiwali Toor Dal

It could be the best addition you can make to your home menu that your kids will love too. Many of you might not have tried it yet but it’s very simple & healthy. It is prepared with dals that most Indian households have, cool!

5. Nawabi Kofta

The name itself is so exciting & so is the recipe. You must try this at least once & this easy-to-do recipe will bring you countless praises. Also, you can prepare it for small family gatherings at home these days. Not only you’ll serve something new but nutritious too.

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