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Rentio- Toor Dal -Diwali

That one festival that offers an abundance of joy, prosperity, and calmness in the middle of the hustle-bustle of busy lives can only be Diwali. Also popularly known as Deepawali, it’s the festival which not only light-up the streets and the city but also enlightens our lives.

We believe in the fact that good always triumphs over evil & Diwali is the biggest reason to have faith in the saying. Tracing its origin from the tale of Lord Ram, Diwali also links to Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, fortune & prosperity. Though every Indian festival is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety, Diwali has its vibes.

Like we adopt to change with trends that come and go, let’s see the way festive celebration has changed & how we celebrate Diwali now…

5 Things Indians do to Celebrate Diwali Differently

No more Mithai, Please!

Weight-loss diet, Bodybuilding diet, Diabetes & what not! Everyone has their exclusive reason to say ‘NO’ for Mithai which is the identity of Indian festivals. The modernized versions of sugar-free laddoos, flaxseed balls, etc are now welcomed on the table while sharing the space with Puran-Poli made with Rentio Toor Dal or Badam Halwa. Allow yourself to cheat with your diet at least for a day and have some sweets too.

Outfit choices

Ethnic Indian outfits are gracefully replaced by Indo-western outfits now. Even kids choose to wear western outfits instead of wearing traditional ones. We are only left wondering how we used to dress-up when we were kids!

Diwali Parties are New-ins

Thinking about this a few years back will seem strange as Diwali was all about pretty home décor with lightings, Rangoli and traditional Diwali cuisines. This is now being replaced by Diwali Parties which is all glamour. Meeting and greeting the loved ones with a dash of style with a mouth-watering cuisine counter is about next-gen Diwali celebrations. No matter what, Toor Dal Tadka is always a winner & can be found in any party menu as a common favorite.

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Festive Travel is a Major Attraction

Remember the days when you used to go to granny’s place during a long Diwali vacation from the school. How amazing it used to be! Nowadays, people are turning towards classy destinations with family during Diwali. You can say that the trend to turn back to granny is fading slowly as #vacationgoals are taking over. People want to go away from the concrete jungle and have some relaxing time at the hill stations, resorts or beach instead.

Do you know? Leicester city in the UK holds the largest Diwali celebrations outside India. People gather here in tens of thousands in the streets and enjoy the vibrant shows of light, music, and dancing.

Cracker-free Diwali because Change is always for GOOD

Diwali can still be fun without crackers and the initiative of “Green” Diwali with a cracker-free idea is praiseworthy. We don’t know the damage we’re causing to the environment knowingly and unknowingly and this change is only for good. Bluetooth lights, eco-friendly crackers, and more options are welcoming ones.

As you celebrate Diwali whole-heartedly, let us be a part of your celebrations with Rentio Tuwar Dal in your festive menu.

Happy Diwali!


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