5 Interesting Benefits of Eating Dal-Rice-Ghee Everyday

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Dal-Rice & Ghee is Indian superfood and we can’t deny this! There are homes where Rentio toor dal and rice keep spreading the aroma on a daily basis. Today we are going to explore the benefits of Dal Rice. But, before checking the benefits of eating dal every day, let’s have a look at some interesting facts.

It can be said that Dals in India are as loved as mashed potatoes in Minnesota. The wonderful world of dal has something interesting to offer to everyone. The variety of dals will keep you indulged in its heavenly flavors. Besides tempting us with its mouth-watering taste, it benefits our body with essential nutrients.

Whether it is a chilly winter night, a boring day at the job or an occasion of celebration, Dal meal always tops the chart.

Toor Dal, Urad Dal, Moong Dal, Masoor Dal & More

The handful combination of Toor Dal with Moong or Masoor Dals is a good reason to experiment with meals. They form the most comforting meal in Indian kitchens.

Here comes the amazing benefit of consuming dal-chawal with a ghee tadka.

  1. Abundant Source of Protein helps to build muscle

Dal-Rice is a handy source for vegetarians to gain proteins. So if you think your shelves need it more, begin your toor dal online shopping now! Basically, dal and rice are combinations that provide wholesome proteins to the body. Isn’t it one of the greatest benefits of Dal Rice?

Polished vs. Unpolished Dal

  1. Dal, Cumin & Hing aids digestion

Cumin & Hing are often used in combination of ghee to season the dal. It aids in digestion by triggering digestive juices and enzymes. They help to prevent intestinal gas because they are high in fiber.

  1. Good for Hair, Skin & Beauty

Turmeric, which is an important beauty ingredient, is added while prepping tuwar dal. It is heated and combined with ghee and black pepper which are recommended for moisturizing skin. Also, curry leaves are added to dal which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. All these ingredients together boost the beauty of your skin. Can you even imagine that this could be one of the benefits of dal rice?

  1. Rich in absorbing nutrients

Tuver dal is rich in Vitamin B and C. Rice is a great source of carbohydrates and pure ghee is rich in Vitamins A, D, E and K. Thus, the combination of the entire three ingredients make for a healthy meal which provides proteins, fats, and carbohydrates needed to carry routine activities.

  1. Metabolism Booster

Dal keeps you full for longer so your weight loss strategy can work really well with it. It has proteins that you need to build muscles and boost your metabolism. Moreover, dal-rice-ghee is a high fiber combination. What else do you need than these benefits of eating dal every day?

By the time you have discovered amazing benefits, it’s a good day to buy kolam rice online to make your dal-meals even interesting. Choose to buy toor dal online only from the trusted retailers so you get the quality intact with nutrients.

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